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‘The’ Medspa in Bozeman

Juniper Face + Figure collectively encompasses a Medical Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner, a Licensed Nurse and a Lead Esthetician to provide its clients a superb experience of safety, long-lasting treatments and aesthetically stunning results, from head to toe.

Looking + Feeling More Confident is the New Self Care

Juniper Face + Figure is the premier medspa in Bozeman, MT. Brett Ashley McMillan is Juniper’s leading expert nurse injector providing transformative and natural-looking facial rejuvenation through state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures and personalized treatments. As the sole provider, Brett brings a unique approach to cosmetic treatments that focuses on artistry, attention to detail, quality interactions, and a tailored approach that enhances your natural features and leaves you feeling more confident than ever before. Her perfectionist touch helps clients feel empowered in their treatment and in their results.

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What Makes Juniper Different?

The Bozeman and Big Sky area is known for its stunning, natural beauty. Much like Montana, each client at Juniper possesses a natural beauty that deserves to be highlighted and enhanced. What makes Juniper Face + Figure unique is our ability to work with our clients to create a perfect aesthetic treatment to showcase each individual’s natural beauty.

Our medspa in Bozeman provides premier treatments with a caring and experienced touch. We treat cosmetic services  as an art, and that’s why clients across Montana and beyond have trusted us to deliver amazing and natural results.

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Voted #1 in Montana for Botox + Filler Treatments!

Over 250 - 5.0 STAR Reviews on Google in the Last Year!

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Home Recovering ❤️‍🩹 ...

My math skills are on fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥 ...

Want in on a little secret??

If you`ve been eyeing EMFACE or the EMSCULPT NEO all year, trust me, now is the time to get serious.

How fun to go into 2024 with a banging bod and "What have you been doing!?!" facial improvements?

EMFACE reverses loose and sagging skin and tightens and lifts the neck, jaw and entire face.
• This powerhouse treatment tightens every single layer of the face and puts it back into place similar to when you were younger
• It adds volume to the cheek area equivalent to 1.5 syringes of filler
• It boosts collagen by 26% and elastin by 200%
• 40% wrinkle reduction
• Reduces the amount of Botox and Fillers needed
• No needles, no pain, no toxins and no downtime
• Skin texture and tone improvements on neck and face

EMSCULPT NEO permanently burns fat while simultaneously building muscle to your targeted area of choice. During every 30 minute treatment, your muscles receive 20,000 contractions. Don`t believe me? We offer demos to anyone that is interested!

Our End of Year Bash is going to be crazy fun and we are so excited to also introduce 5 BRAND NEW Juniper treatments that are unlike anything we currently offer! Juniper Face + Figure offers the world`s #1 medical-grade skin care ZO SKIN HEALTH, RevitaLash, four different blissful facials, body shaping, weight loss, state of the art facial rejuvenation treatments, TOX and fillers, Kybella, ...and so much more that we will be announcing December 6th!!

Swag Bags are limited to the first 50 people!

Bring your friends!

Tons of Giveaways from Lip Filler, Jeuveau, Facials, Lululemon and more!

Permanent Jewelry Bar with LINKS!

Bites • Bubbles • Complimentary Demonstrations • Personal Testimonies

Most important thing to remember:
Must be present to WIN!

Nothing is possible without you.

At every first appointment, you are bravely sharing with me - a stranger - your vulnerabilities. This is incredibly hard for people to do and I understand this, for it is also hard for me to do, too.

Whether it be the bags underneath your eyes, new wrinkles, or your insecurities about getting older, I am incredibly honored to be in this safe place with you.

And it is because of this that Juniper has never felt like a business. Juniper is a relationship with you that is personal and genuine - and one that I take very seriously.

Thank you for your friendship, your positive word of mouth, the public shout outs, all your hugs, and for your trust and loyalty throughout the years.

This is why my boys love me. Because I’m weird AF 😂 ...

You could if you go to an injector with outdated techniques and skill and/or who doesn`t have an artistic eye.

Some people worry that if they get lip filler, that their natural lip shape will automatically give them the dreaded `Duck Lip` look.

Girls, that`s the injector`s fault.

Done correctly, the lips should fan up exposing your natural lip tissue - not stick out.

Now, can you look a little `ducky` after getting lip filler while your lips are swollen and healing? Yes. They can look all sorts of funky but know that if you`ve gone to an injector who posts her work time after time, you can most certainly trust that your lips will result in a pretty shape with appropriately enhanced volume.

Bad lip filler is a result of poor aesthetic vision, poor skill, incorrect placement, and/or just too much product. Or a wonderful combo of them all.

Q: I got lip filler and my lips look awful! Am I stuck with them?
A: No! Any non-permanent fillers (no matter where they are placed) can be dissolved with hyaluronidase (Hylenex).

Another outdated and incorrect technique? BORDERING the lips. This is when an injector literally lays product like a rope directly under the vermillion border (where the lip tissue meets the skin). Tsssk Tsssk. No thanks to that either!

I love questions so if you have any, please ask!

The lip filler journey is so beautiful! ...

✨Juniper’s NOVEMBER Give-a-way!: FREE Lip Filler or 35units of Jeuveau (Worth $450!!!)✨

*******Please DO NOT accept FOLLOWS or messages from “me” - those will be fake accounts. I will NOT be sending messages telling you that you won. REPORT + BLOCK

The odds are totally in your favor!

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6. Open NOW until 10AM on 11/27/23
7. The winner will be chosen LIVE at 3PM on 11/30/23.

Please remember to tag 6️⃣ friends! I do check! 😉☺️

Well…… DUH! What really gets people is when I tell them I’m 78, too. 😂 ...

This Party is going to be HUGE! Many wonderful local female business owners are joining Juniper in providing impressive giveaways at the event for all attendees (must be present to win).

If you`re going to any holiday party, I promise you, you DON`T want to miss ours!

Besides the giveaways, we are announcing 5 brand new treatments coming to Juniper!

Things are about to get even more exciting!!!

Please Please RSVP to Brett!

The secrets I keep… 🤭 ...

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A revolutionary painless treatment that permanently burns fat and builds muscle. Real results, our thrilled Juniper clients, and 10 targeted body areas. Feel the machine for yourself and reach out when you’re ready to transform into your healthy figure. ...

Attention Business Owners who are clients of mine!!

We are having a huge party on December 6 from 4-7PM to celebrate the end of 2023!

Clients of mine who are business owners and would like to promote and/or offer a special or discount by adding in a goodie to our swag bags should reach out to me PRONTO.

Great way to collaborate and get your name in front of other amazing and smart women in our incredible community! 🥳

Details about the party coming soon in our first 💖 monthly newsletter next week. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletters if you’re not a client already (all Juniper clients will receive the email announcement).

Text me if you’re interested and would like to participate!

What can I say? 🦍 ...

Cuffing Season Is Here! 20% OFF all facials with our amazing esthetician Erin now through end of November!

We have four incredible facials to choose from:
• Hydrating Facial with Jelly Mask
• Brightening Facial with Jelly Mask or ZO SKIN HEALTH`s Ossential Brightening Masque
• Anti-Aging Facial with Jelly Mask
• Acne Facial which includes extractions

Find our booking link through the website or LinkTree on Instagram!

Make sure to mention `Cuffing Season`! 😂

We’ve been working on these lips for a year now and the client has 1.5 syringes total 💉

Isn’t the transformation unreal? Bottom lip has a little swelling here but also notice how lip filler has fixed her downturned smile, too.

We usually ALWAYS start with a 1/2 syringe but sometimes women are working on their lips for a year, or more, to achieve their desired outcome.

In the world of immediate results and gratification, the benefits of being patient and not rushing (or expecting) instant results like these is where it pays off.

It’s my 3-S’s: Slow - Safe - + Steady

💉 Killer Results!

Ready to get on your aesthetic journey with me? ☺️

It starts with a “Hello” (and usually ends with a hug).

Our consults, website, and virtual consultations (found at are all a great way to get the discussion started to determine what treatments will work best for you.

Guaranteed you’ll be surprised what we can do for your Face + Figure 😉

Just ONE treatment of Kybella to chisel, angle, and define the jaw and neck and permanently rid the “Double Chin.”

This woman (who cracks me up with her dry wit and humor) has been traveling over from Lewistown for the last year to see me for her treatments.

As I repeatedly share, it’s not a sprint or race through facial improvements. It’s strategically putting a plan together with your injector to do things incrementally appropriate. Why? To keep things safe and natural!

Over the last year we have:
• 1 treatment of Kybella
• Lip Filler treatments
• Cheek Filler treatments
• Jeuveau treatments

Love her and love her results!

Client Love

I highly recommend Brett for your filler and/or Botox needs! Brett took the time to talk about her process and her knowledge and confidence was really soothing. I've been following her Instagram page for a little while now and absolutely love the beautiful & natural results all of her clients have achieved. I am so happy I finally scheduled my appointment with her! Thank you so much, Brett! I'm looking forward to my future treatments!

- Haelee

I researched for months before making the decision to contact you. I KNOW you're the best. I trusted my niece and now her sister in your hands. I didn't have a single doubt in my mind that you are incredible!!!

- Alli

I just texted my best friend to tell her this is my idea of a perfect kind of day; going to the gym and then coming to see you for my Botox!

- Cierra

I have seen Brett at Juniper twice now, once for my consultation and today for Botox in my masseters. Both experiences couldn't be better! Brett was so kind and informative. Now I know why so many of my friends/coworkers choose her, she really is the best! I'm already counting down the days for my next appt!!

- Jennifer

You really are a confidence booster! I love having you around! I needed to find you to feel better about myself.

- Melissa

Doing this freed up a lot of space in my head that was busy with negative thoughts about my appearance. You do phenomenal work and I am so incredibly happy with my results! Thank you!

- Lindsay

I love, so so much! My mentor, a 60-year-old botox & glycolic enthusiast was so impressed with your work.. no bruising no bumps, just great!

- Hailey

I should have gotten Botox a long time ago!! I have gotten so many compliments and it hasn't even been a week since my treatment!

- Kara

You are so thorough and knowledgeable. I've gone to many injectors before you and I have to say, I've learned more from you than all of them combined. I feel completely confident and safe under your care!

- Kiersten

Great experience! Professional and takes the time to explain process, pricing and goals. Felt very comfortable with Brett! Excited to have found someone close by for my Botox services :)

- Jessica

Thanks for the beautiful lips! You are the MOST talented face/beauty sculpture I have seen in the past decade! So impressed!

- Amie

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