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No Needles. No Toxins. No Pain. No Downtime – And Facelift Results!


“The Montana Facelift,” also known as Juniper’s EMFACE treatment, is a revolution in the aesthetic space and a one of a kind facial treatment mimicking the results of your modern day face and neck lift without having to go under the knife!

Juniper Face + Figure is proud to offer the very 1st EMFACE in Montana! What’s more, we are even more proud to be the only Medspa in the state of Montana offering a complete suite of top-end treatments that cannot be replicated anywhere else. From our amazing injector’s keen eye for precision and beauty through the use of cosmetic injectables to our powerhouse anti-aging devices, we are able to cater to every individual’s unique aesthetic wish, concern or need.

EMFACE has become the ultimate groundwork for anti-aging because it targets where aging starts – beneath the surface. One of the newest advancements in facial tightening, lifting and toning technology, EMFACE in Bozeman is reversing years to decades of facial aging through the use of Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES™ (high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation) technology.

Am I a candidate?

EMFACE in Bozeman targets muscles and skin simultaneously to tighten, tone, strengthen and lift the face and neck while restoring your facial contours without needles, pain, downtime, or toxins.

Synchronized Radiofrequency targets the skin by firming, lifting, and tightening. HIFES technology selectively targets the structures beneath the surface (your muscles, connective tissue and the SMAS layer –  tissue layer that connects facial muscles to skin) to tighten and strengthen each layer, which in turn, creates a significant lifting effect in the entire neck and face.

At Juniper Face + Figure, clients can expect tighter, lifted, and firmer facial features that are volumized through boosted collagen and elastin production (200%). Our client’s jaw-dropping transformations are precisely because they are looking years and years younger.

“EMFACE Submentum” is the first non-surgical treatment that permanently dissolves the double chin and eliminates jowls without the use of needles.

EMFACE Submentum simultaneously strengthens the neck muscles to bring clients a chiseled jawline, a tight and youthful appearance and improves the profile by permanently shrinking the fat pad known as the dreaded “double-chin.”

Invest in yourself by choosing EMFACE and receive these incredible special offers:

• 50% OFF RF Microneedling (Deep Skin Resurfacing for Deep Lines and Wrinkles)
• 50% OFF EMFACE Submentum (Permanently Dissolves the Double Chin without Needles or Pain)
• 50% OFF EXION Face (Boosts Hyaluronic Acid Naturally by 224%)
• 50% OFF EXION Body (Permanently Dissolves Fat in hard-to-reach Areas and Tightens Loose Skin)
• 50% OFF EMSELLA (Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Health Dysfunction)
• $1500 OFF any EMSCULPT NEO Package
• NEW! Purchase an EMFACE package at normal value, receive 50% OFF EMFACE packages thereafter FOR LIFE

Before + After

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EMFACE - Client 68 Years Old

Four Sessions of EMFACE, Photos taken 8 weeks after last session

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These EMFACE Before + After photos were only 5 weeks apart! EMFACE results peak 8 weeks after completing the package so this client will continue to see improvements for several more weeks. Love EMFACE!

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EMFACE - Client 50 Years Old

4 Sessions of EMFACE, Photos take 8 weeks after last session

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EMFACE has totally transformed her profile by lifting and tightening her neck, jawline, and lower face. Skin has improved appearance by boosting collagen and elastin to create a more youthful glow.

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4 Sessions of EMFACE, Photos taken 8 weeks after last session *Note client's improved and chiseled jawline, neck, and submental fullness (double chin)

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EMFACE - Client 68 years old

4 Sessions of EMFACE, Photos taken 8 weeks after last session *Note: Collagen and Elastin production have filled in her cheeks, undereye area, and temples

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4 Sessions of EMFACE, Photos taken 8 weeks after last sessions *Note: Client looks like she's lost significant weight as EMFACE has cleaned up her submental pad (double chin), tightened her neck and jaw, and made her overall face lifted and tighter

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Numerous improvements including: Entire face has tightened, forehead and frown lines have softened, under eye hollows have improved, nasolabial folds have significantly softened, client looks like she has lost weight, and skin texture and tone has considerably improved! Love these!

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4 Sessions of EMFACE, Photos taken 8 weeks after last sessions

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4 Sessions Completed with EMFACE, Photos take IMMEDIATELY after the last session (results peak 2 months after completing an EMFACE package)

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These 'Before + Afters' are only 5 weeks apart. WOW! What an incredible transformation in such little time. EMFACE results peak 12 weeks from starting the treatment but we will definitely celebrate victories like these! She looks absolutely incredible!

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As you can see, EMFACE has significantly boosted her collagen and elastin production, softened fine lines and wrinkles, lifted her face and neck, filled natural looking volume in areas where she was flat and gaunt, and has given her a complete rejuvenated overhaul. Beautiful!


These are 'Preliminary' EMFACE results! This client looks like she's had a $25,000 surgical Facelift. EMFACE results peak in another 2 months for this beautiful woman!


INCREDIBLE Necklift results from our amazing EMFACE technology! These are 'Preliminary' results as well. EMFACE results peak two months after completing the EMFACE package! She is so happy (and she didn't have to go under the knife!)


Not only did this client receive a non-surgical necklift with her EMFACE results, but take a look at her drastic and remarkable skin texture and tone improvements. Her deep static wrinkles have significantly softened providing anti-aging and a tighter more youthful glow! We are over the moon with how much EMFACE is helping our clients!


Client has received wrinkle elimination, pigment irregularity improvement, clearer and more toned complexion, volume to cheeks and midface and a more vibrant and youthful appearance.


As you can see, this beautiful client's complexion has improved pigment irregularities, beautiful volume from the collagen and elastin has added nice curvature to cheeks and lower face and she looks awake, rejuvenated and energized. EMFACE was able to lift and place her underlying tissues back into their original placement as when she was younger. Love these results!


Typically with EMFACE, results will peak 8 weeks after the final treatment session. HOWEVER, very excited to see such drastic improvements in just 5 quick weeks for this beautiful client!

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?


Treatment Length

20 minutes once a week (for 4 weeks)

When to Expect Results

Immediately! Results will also peak 2 months after your last session.



What to Expect + What it Treats

37% Wrinkle Reduction

23% Lifting Effect from the Collarbone Up

30% Increase in Muscle Tone

19% Increase in Muscle Density

200% Increase in Elastin Production

26% Increase in Collagen

Strengthens all Connective Tissues

Toning, Strengthening, and Shortening of Facial Muscles that Help Fight Gravity

Uneven Skin Texture and Skin Tone

Undefined Cheekbones (Flat Cheeks)

Hollowed Under Eyes and Tear Troughs

Loss of Facial Volume

Minimizes Pore Size

Drooping Forehead

Excess Facial Fat

Crepey, Aging Skin

Sagging Jowls and Excess Neck Tissue

Low Setting Eyebrows

Dull and Lifeless Skin

Dissolves the Double Chin

Softens Textured Skin

Sagging Skin on Jaw and Neck

Tightens and Lifts the Entire Face

Tightens and Lifts the Entire Neck

How EMFACE Works

By emitting both Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES energies, EMFACE in Bozeman simultaneously affects facial connective tissues, muscles, and the skin. Clients who complete an EMFACE package will see results providing them with fewer wrinkles, improved texture and skin tone, and a more natural lift and tightening from the collarbone up without the use of needles. EMFACE requires one warm pad on each cheek and forehead and provides 75,000 facial contractions in just 20 minutes. Completely pain-free, clients will be able to see their results immediately!

What to Expect

The EMFACE Process



Enjoy a complimentary consultation with one of our expert staff members to learn exactly how EMFACE can benefit you. Review several examples of our very own EMFACE clients and their beautiful results. Have all questions answered prior to filling out our simple health questionnaire and schedule your four, 20 minute EMFACE treatments (one per week) with Juniper.


EMFACE Treatment

At your first EMFACE treatment in Bozeman, we’ll prep your face by thoroughly cleaning the cheeks and forehead. Application of the pads is quick and gentle and you’ll begin feeling the soothing warmth from the radiofrequency reach your skin. We’ll slowly increase the contraction strength to a comfortable level (although all clients usually reach 100% in the first 5-7 minutes). The entire treatment will last 20 minutes. The pads will be easily removed and your skin will look slightly pink, almost as if you just finished a mild jog. You can apply moisturizers and makeup if you prefer and go on with your day as normal.



Your EMFACE Results

You will start seeing results immediately after your treatments. Results will peak 8 weeks after your 4th (and last) treatment and will continue providing facial tightening and lifting improvements for the next 12-15 months. Once completing your EMFACE package, you can now enjoy maintenance sessions discounted to you through Juniper for LIFE!

Special Offers

Treatment Promotions + Special Offers

Juniper has always been committed to excellence and putting our clients first. Here are many other discounts and offers we gift to you when you choose EMFACE in Bozeman at Juniper:

Discounted Maintenance EMFACE Sessions FOR LIFE

Once you complete a package of EMFACE at Juniper, you will always receive 50% OFF any future EMFACE package FOR LIFE at Juniper. We also extend this same offer to all of our other device packages at Juniper, too! You will never find any other medspa that offers such generous discounts, but giving back to our clients has always been extremely important to us. 🙂

Pay in Full Discount of $200

Expect a $200 discount when you pay for your entire EMFACE package at your first appointment.

EMFACE  Double Package Bonus

Buy an EMFACE package, and receive $1500 off any EMSCULPT NEO package at Juniper. Receive discounted maintenance sessions FOR LIFE on both!

Discounts on the World’s #1 Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

50% OFF – ZO SKIN HEALTH’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit (Valued at $240 – You pay $120). Kit includes an Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads, Daily Power Defense, and the “Liquid-Gold,” Growth Factor Serum.

50% OFF on all other Juniper Device Packages!

Enjoy 50% OFF RF Microneedling, EXION Face, EXION Body, The EMSELLA Chair and EMFACE Submentum when you invest in yourself with the one and only, Montana Facelift – EMFACE!

FAQS about EMFACE in Bozeman

Is EMFACE safe?

The EMFACE facial toning device was made by one of the most recognized names in medical aesthetics: BTL. BTL products have a reputation for both their safety and effectiveness, and our highly trained providers can assure a successful outcome when using the EMFACE device.

What is the difference between EMFACE and EMSCULPT NEO?

Both EMFACE and EMSCULPT NEO utilize RF (radiofrequency) to provide heat to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and new skin cells. Radiofrequency technology also firms and lifts sagging skin, too. EMFACE uses HIFES (high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation) and EMSCULPT NEO uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology. Both are extremely powerful but EMFACE is a nonsurgical facelift treatment whereas EMSCULPT NEO permanently destroys fat while simultaneously building muscles in 10 different body areas.

Is there any downtime for EMFACE?

EMFACE requires no recovery time and frankly, no one would even know you had treatment because it leaves your skin looking warm and refreshed. You can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment!

How do I know if EMFACE is right for me?

EMFACE in Bozeman is appropriate treatment for those looking for a toxin-free alternative to facial aesthetics. It is also suitable for clients looking for significant and natural improvements without the use of needles or pain. Don’t want anyone to know you’re seeking aesthetic treatments? EMFACE is your answer! Additionally, when it comes to advancements in age-related cosmetic treatments, EMFACE has become a hallmark treatment redefining that ‘Beauty doesn’t have to be painful.’ It is checking all boxes for men and women’s most common aging complaints – sagging skin, loose skin, heavy brows and forehead, jowls, extra skin on the neck, flat cheeks, hollowed eyes, dull and lackluster skin, and more. Reach out to Juniper Face + Figure today for your complimentary consultation with our kind and educated experts.

What is an appropriate age range for women considering EMFACE?

EMFACE in Bozeman is an appropriate treatment for women in their 30’s and beyond. It not only significantly tightens and lifts, but it is suitable for those looking to be proactive and preventative when it comes to their own aging concerns. Many clients report lose or hanging skin, sagging jowls, and facial tissue that doesn’t look or feel tight and toned anymore. EMFACE’s powerful technologies target tissues deep, beyond the skin’s surface. It strengthens connective tissue, improves muscle density, tightens the SMAS layer (the fibrous network below our skin’s surface), 40% wrinkle reduction, lifts everything from the collarbone up, 30% increase in muscle tone, 26% increase in collagen, 200% increase in elastin, pore size reduction, improves pigment irregularities, and minimizes the amount of Botox and filler injections.

Is it truly pain-free, needle-free, toxin-free, with no downtime? It sounds too good to be true!?

EMFACE delivers on a promise. Unlike excruciating microneedling laser treatments (many times clients cannot finish these treatments because they are so unbearably painful), EMFACE uses pads to deliver it’s radiofrequency and HIFES technologies. The treatments are 20-minutes in length, comfortably warm, and completely pain-free. No needles and no toxins are administered. Lastly, there is no need to hide out at home for days after your treatment. Clients can even return to work immediately following their treatment with colleagues being none the wiser. You skin is left looking rejuvenated and bright and no one would ever know you had a treatment done.

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