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EMSELLA: Urinary + Stress Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence Treatment that is Quick, Easy + Painless

Managing daily challenges associated with urinary or stress incontinence can be draining, yet it is a prevalent issue affecting 50% of women today. Symptoms create restrictions on our lives and contribute to concerns such as anxiety, embarrassment, wearing uncomfortable feminine pads and even placing limits on daily activities. Juniper’s EMSELLA Chair provides a solution by enhancing pelvic floor strength through the use of painless and non-invasive muscle contractions, aiming to alleviate common urinary incontinence symptoms like these.

Normal aging, injury and certain life events like vaginal birth can all attribute to a weakened pelvic floor. Many people experience urinary or stress incontinence (leaking when you sneeze, cough, jump, exercise, or being intimate with your partner) on a daily basis. The EMSELLA Chair is a wonderful option, sought after by both men and women who want quick and easy treatments that work.

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While sitting fully clothed on the EMSELLA Chair, clients will receive 12,000 Kegels in a 28 minute treatment session. For optimal results, six treatment sessions complete a package, and clients will happily experience relief and confidence right away. The EMSELLA Chair works so well, in fact, that women who wear feminine pads daily for their unexpected leaking are happily reporting they are able to go pad-free completely thanks to this powerful breakthrough treatment!

Treatment Details

Is a consultation required?


Is there any downtime?


How many sessions are required?

Six (6) for optimal results but we do offer single sessions

When to expect results?


What EMSELLA Chair Treats

Stronger Pelvic Floor

Improves Vaginal Tightness

Improves Sensations during Intercourse

Decreased Urinary Incontinence

Decreased Stress Incontinence

Improvements in Vaginal Sensation

Improvements Blood Flow + Vaginal Lubrication

Improves Erectile Dysfunction

Minimizes Nighttime Bathroom Visits

Vaginal Tightening

Reduction in Feminine Absorbency Pads

Reduces Leaking when Sneezing, Laughing + Exercising

Decreases Urinary Urgency

Strengthens Core Muscles


The EMSELLA Chair employs electromagnetic energy transmitted via a custom-designed chair applicator to trigger supramaximal contractions in all pelvic floor muscles. This technology utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) which contract muscles and creates new muscle fibers, facilitating 12,000 Kegels in a 28 minute treatment session. The EMSELLA Chair provides an intense and painless workout for the specific muscles associated with urinary function and sexual health.

The EMSELLA Chair has two distinct settings: One geared strictly for urinary incontinence symptoms and another setting targeting men and women who are looking for sexual health improvements (those experiencing vaginal dryness, loss of vaginal sensation, weak orgasm, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, etc.). However, one of the greatest benefits of EMSELLA is that no matter the reason why you’re seeking these innovative treatments, you’ll receive benefits in both categories. Those seeking EMSELLA for urinary incontinence symptoms will enjoy a 40% improvement in sexual health. Those seeking EMSELLA in Bozeman for sexual wellness will also receive proactive treatments for any future urinary-related potential symptoms.

What to Expect

The EMSELLA in Bozeman Process


The EMSELLA Consultation

Enjoy a complimentary consultation with one of our expert staff members to learn exactly how our EMSELLA Chair can benefit you and your life. Whether you’re looking for relief from your stress or urinary incontinence symptoms or are wanting improvements in your intimate and sexual health, the EMSELLA Chair can be a great option for you. Enjoy a free demo sitting on our EMSELLA chair to experience for yourself these powerful yet painless pelvic floor contractions.


The EMSELLA Treatment

Clients have the option to sit fully clothed on the EMSELLA, although most opt to remove their bottoms while comfortably sitting on the chair in their underwear.  We will provide you with a towel so you can stay covered throughout your treatment. We will guide you through the correct positioning so you can receive optimal contractions and treatment. The entire treatment is 28 minutes long and you will receive 12,000 Kegels during this time. For optimal results, clients will complete 6 treatment sessions. We recommend that you complete two session each week, spaced 2-3 days apart. In three weeks, you will have completed a full package. Better yet, there is also no downtime! You can go on with your day and life as normal.



You will start seeing results immediately even after your first session. Results do peak 8 weeks after your 6th (and last) treatment and will continue providing urinary incontinence (and sexual health) improvements for the next 6 months. Because there is not yet a remedy for aging and weakening muscles, clients who complete a package of 6 sessions, get to enjoy discounted maintenance sessions FOR LIFE. When clients start noticing symptoms slowly returning (due to normal aging and muscle atrophy), that is their indication to come back in and complete a few more maintenance sessions to tighten things up (which are discounted!)


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Juniper has always been committed to excellence and putting our clients first. Here are many other discounts and offers we gift to you when you choose EMSELLA in Bozeman at Juniper:

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Once you complete an RF Microneedling package at Juniper, enjoy discounted maintenance sessions for LIFE.


I think my husband has urinary incontinence. Can he sit on the EMSELLA Chair?

Yes, the chair is designed for men, too. It helps improve erectile dysfunction by 37% and improvements in nocturia (frequent urination at night) by 46%.

I wear pads every day because I leak occasionally. Can I wear my pad during the treatment?

No. The technologies cannot penetrate through the pad barrier, so we will have you remove that prior to sitting on the chair. We do lay a chucks pad on the chair first and will provide you with a feminine pad for after your treatment if you may need another one.

Can I be on my period while sitting on the EMSELLA Chair? Can I wear a tampon?

Yes to both! Tampons don’t create a barrier between your body and the energies so you will still be able to receive a full treatment with maximal results. The treatment may create more cramping but this is typically mild and unnoticeable for the female clients.

How many treatments are in a standard package?

There are 6 sessions for optimal results. Ideally we ask women to complete two sessions each week, spaced 2-3 days apart, for three weeks. You’ll love feeling your results right away!

Is the treatment painful?

No, not at all. It is non-invasive and clients can go on with their day as usual. Feel free to exercise, be intimate with your partner, take a bath – you name it!

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