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BTL Emsella Unit - Chair

Unlocking Confidence: The EMSELLA Guide to Pelvic Floor & Sexual Health

May 9, 2024 Figure
Female under eye filler before and after

Bozeman Under-Eye Fillers: Restore a Youthful Look

April 23, 2024 Face
Weight loss results shown

New Weight Loss Solution at Juniper Face & Figure

April 16, 2024 Figure
Before EMSCULPT NEO and after using EMSCULPT NEO on abdomen

Yellowstone Confidence: Reveal Your Sculpted Physique with Juniper Face & Figure’s EMSCULPT

April 2, 2024 Figure

Winter Warriors: Stay Sculpted and Strong: EMSCULPT

March 22, 2024 Figure
Before and after of Radiofrequency Microneedling

Skin Rejuvenation Showdown: Morpheus8 vs. EXION RF Microneedling

February 15, 2024 Figure

From Ranch to Runway: Shape Your Bozeman Body with Juniper Face + Figure’s Cutting-Edge EMSCULPT Technology

March 15, 2024 Figure

Ozempic Weight Loss + Body Changes

February 6, 2024 Figure
Before and after Emsculpt

Unleash Your Inner Athlete with EMSCULPT at Juniper Face + Figure

January 29, 2024 Figure