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EMFACE SUBMENTUM: Neck Lift + Jowl Fat Elimination

A Neck Lift that also Permanently Eliminates the Double Chin.

Did you know that the condition and appearance of your neck is the quickest giveaway to your true age even if your face appears youthful? Here at Juniper we wanted to provide a treatment that helps address one of the most common complaints among men and women today – the sagging neck, double chin and jowls. A concern affecting over 70% of individuals today, Juniper introduces the first EMFACE SUBMENTUM to Montana which provides a non-surgical necklift by tightening and strengthening the underlying muscles, but uses radiofrequency to permanently dissolve the double chin and jowls, too. EMFACE SUBMENTUM will improve the texture and wrinkling of the skin on the neck, softening the appearance of horizontal neck bands (aka necklace lines) while synergistically creating a tight and beautiful jawline that will be the envy of all your friends.

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How does EMFACE SUBMENTUM differ from EMFACE?

EMFACE is a non-surgical facelift treatment providing beautiful lift and facial rejuvenation to our clients from the collarbone up. Clients wear pads on their foreheads and cheeks that emit HIFES and radiofrequency technologies for an overall lifted and youthful appearance (check out our incredible before and after pictures in our online gallery!). EMFACE SUBMENTUM requires wearing a pad on the submentum (where a double chin would be) to directly target and permanently dissolve the fat while also tightening the muscles of the neck through HIFES technology.

Juniper allows clients to also mix and match the EMFACE pads, too. If clients choose to wear the cheek and submentum pads (versus the standard cheek and forehead), we are happy to tailor your treatment to ensure your aesthetic goals and needs are fully met and satisfied. A complimentary consultation with one of our expert staff can further help guide you with our wonderful EMFACE treatment options.


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Treatment Details

Are consultations required?


How long are the treatments?

Each treatment is 20 minutes long and they are completed once a week for four (4) weeks. We want each session to be no more than 7-10 days apart.

Is there any downtime?


When to expect results?

Many clients see results immediately; however, results peak 8 weeks from the client’s 4th (and last) treatment session.

What to Expect + What it Treats

Strengthening the Muscles of the Neck

Fat Reduction in the Double Chin Area

30-35% Fat Reduction in the Submentum

Softens Wrinkles and Neck Bands (AKA, Necklace Lines)

Stimulates Collagen + Elastin Production

Chiseled Jawline

Skin Tightening

Lifting Effect



No Needles

No Toxins

No Downtime Following Treatment


EMFACE SUBMENTUM introduces a patented blend of Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES muscle stimulation, marking the first of its kind. By simultaneously stimulating submental tissues and applying radiofrequency heating, it achieves a comprehensive aesthetic enhancement of the submental area.

While EMFACE SUBMENTUM is already highly effective in enhancing the appearance of the submental area by elevating facial tissue and contouring the jawline, the new SUBMENTUM applicator goes beyond. Clients enjoy painless treatments that work without the worry of bruising or social downtime.

What to Expect




Enjoy a complimentary consultation with one of our expert staff members to learn exactly how our EMFACE SUBMENTUM can benefit you. Our staff will be happy to show you Before + After images and schedule your four treatment sessions as well.



At your first EMFACE SUBMENTUM treatment in Bozeman, we’ll prep by thoroughly cleaning the chin. Application of the pad is quick and gentle and you’ll begin feeling the soothing warmth from the radiofrequency reach your skin. We’ll slowly increase the contraction strength to a comfortable level) although all clients usually reach 100% in the first 5-7 minutes). The entire treatment will last 20 minutes. The pad will be easily removed and your skin will look slightly pink, almost as if you just finished a mild jog. We will offer you ZO SKIN HEALTH Growth Factor Serum to apply to your face afterwards for added hydration and soothing. You may apply makeup as needed and go on with your day as usual.



Most clients begin seeing results after their first treatment session. Results will peak 8 weeks after your 4th (and last) treatment. Once completing your EMFACE SUBMENTUM package, you can enjoy discounted maintenance sessions FOR LIFE only through Juniper!

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Treatment Promotions + Special Offers

Juniper has always been committed to excellence and putting our clients first. Here are many other discounts and offers we gift to you when you choose EMFACE SUBMENTUM in Bozeman at Juniper:


Pay-in-Full Discount: Receive $100 OFF

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Receive 50% OFF EMFACE SUBMENTUM ($5250)


Receive discounted maintenance sessions FOR LIFE


What is the difference between EMFACE SUBMENTUM and Kybella?

Kybella is administered as a series of injections to the submentum area (the double chin) permanently destroying fat cells and producing gradual results. The number of treatment sessions vary based on the amount of fat underneath the chin and per an individual’s aesthetic goals. EMFACE SUBMENTUM does not involve needles or injections of any sort, eliminating the potential for any post-treatment bruising, swelling, or social downtime. EMFACE SUBMENTUM also strengthens the muscles of the neck which aids in the retraction of the hyoid bone which in turn tightens and lifts the neck from within. Kybella is unable to treat muscles while only focusing on permanent fat reduction.

How much fat loss will I lose with EMFACE SUBMENTUM?

Studies show a fat reduction medium between 30-35%! That means that some individuals have experienced even higher percentages of permanent double chin fat reduction.

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