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Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a sterile surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface of the skin, removing dead skin cells and fine vellus hair, commonly known as peach fuzz. This exfoliation process helps reveal smoother, brighter skin by eliminating the layer of dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover.

The procedure is known for its ability to create a smoother canvas for makeup application, as well as improving the absorption of skincare products.

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Juniper Face + Figure Dermaplane

Are consultations required?


Any downtime requirements?


How many sessions are required?

Dermaplaning sessions are recommended every 4-6 weeks

How long is the appointment?

30 minutes

What to Expect + What it Treats


Improved Skin Care Absorption

Helps Makeup Lay Smooth on the Face

Reduced Appearance of Fine Lines

Improved Skin Tone

Non-Invasive Instant Results

Add a Dermaplane to any Luxurious Juniper Facial!

Juniper offers four customized facials perfect for our Montana ladies: Hydrating, Anti-Aging, Brightening and Acne. Opt to add Dermaplaning to any of these relaxing facials or book as a standalone treatment with our Lead Esthetician, Mady.

What to Expect

The Dermaplane Process



Consultations are not required for our Dermaplaning Procedure in Bozeman. You can add a Dermaplane treatment to any one of Juniper’s four customized facials or you can book it as a standalone appointment. After booking, you’ll receive a ‘Juniper Facial Dermaplane Consent Questionnaire’ that you will be required to fill out online. This will help educate us to provide you (and your skin) exactly what you are looking for. Everything will be customized to your skin needs and requirements, solutions to any skin woes, and we’ll even want to know what music it is that you love relaxing to!


Your Dermaplane Treatment

A dermaplaning treatment involves cleansing the skin thoroughly to remove any makeup, oils or impurities. Our Lead Esthetician Mady then prepares the skin for the procedure, ensuring it is dry and free of any moisture. Then she will use a sterile surgical scalpel held at a 45-degree angle to gently scrape the surface of the skin. This process removes dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). After dermaplaning, the skin is treated with soothing and hydrating ZO SKIN HEALTH products to enhance recovery. And of course, sunscreen application to protect the newly revealed skin.


Your Dermaplane Results

After receiving a dermaplane treatment in Bozeman, there are several common things you can expect in the post-treatment period. Keep in mind that individual experiences can vary based on your skin type, your skin’s sensitivity, and the products used. Here’s what you might expect after a dermaplane:
Hydration, Smooth Complexion, Possible Mild Breakouts, Improvements in Skin Texture and Appearance, Potential for Mild Redness and Sensitivity, and Cumulative Benefits Over Time.


Dermaplane Pre-Care Instructions

Discontinue Certain Products

Stop using retinoids, exfoliating products, and skincare items containing acids at least a week before dermaplaning. These products can increase skin sensitivity.

Minimize sun exposure and tanning for at least a week before the dermaplaning treatment.

Sunburned or irritated skin may be more sensitive during the procedure.

Inform about Medications

Let your skincare professional know about any medications you are taking, especially those that may affect skin sensitivity or blood clotting.


Dermaplane Post-Care Instructions

Skip Harsh Products

Refrain from using harsh skincare products, such as those containing retinoids or acids, for a few days post-dermaplaning. These can be irritating to the freshly exfoliated skin.

Avoid Touching the Face

Refrain from touching or picking at your skin to prevent irritation and infection.


Hydrate your skin with a soothing and hydrating moisturizer. This helps maintain skin moisture and supports the healing process.

Postpone Makeup Application

If possible, avoid applying makeup immediately after the procedure to let the skin breathe and recover.

Limit Physical Activity

Minimize activities that cause excessive sweating or heat for the first day after dermaplaning, as sweat can irritate the skin.

FAQS about Dermaplaning in Bozeman

Does dermaplaning make my peach fuzz grow back as thick facial hair?

The myth that hair grows back thicker or darker after shaving or dermaplaning is widespread. Dermaplaning removes fine vellus hair, or peach fuzz, without altering its texture or color. The hair that regrows after dermaplaning remains the same as before the treatment, and the procedure does not impact hair follicles or underlying structure. Facial hair growth and thickness are mainly influenced by genetics and hormones.

Does dermaplaning hurt?

No, dermaplaning is a painless procedure. Clients may feel a gentle scraping sensation, but discomfort is minimal.

Can dermaplaning be combined with other treatments?

Yes, dermaplaning can be combined with other facial treatments, such as chemical peels or facials, for enhanced results.

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