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From Ranch to Runway: Shape Your Bozeman Body with Juniper Face + Figure’s Cutting-Edge EMSCULPT Technology

From Ranch to Runway: Shape Your Bozeman Body with Juniper Face + Figure’s  Cutting-Edge EMSCULPT Technology

From Ranch to Runway: Shape Your Bozeman Body with Juniper Face + Figure’s

Cutting-Edge EMSCULPT Technology

You are out the door as the sun rises and getting home just as it is setting – a day that is jam packed with work, shuffling kids from one practice to another, and running the never ending laundry list of errands. You are doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle, but still feel like you don’t have enough time to dedicate to making you the best version of yourself.  Sound familiar?  

Daily life can be a constant cycle of feeling like you never have enough time in the day to accomplish all the things you want to. Unfortunately, in the business of life, routine workouts and healthy meal planning can be one of the first areas to fall to the back burner. As we know, it is crucial to reinvest in ourselves first, but we also know this is way easier said than done!

Here at Juniper Face + Figure, we have taken the pressure off of you and your schedule when it comes to helping you feel like your best self. What if we told you that just thirty minutes a week could give you your dream body, burning stubborn fat and toning your muscles? Let us at Juniper Face + Figure help you love what you see on the outside and bring back your confidence!


EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive device that has the power to transform your body from the inside out. The unique technology allows you to achieve strong and toned muscles in a matter of minutes while simultaneously burning fat. The power of EMSCULPT NEO lies in the unique muscular contractions it causes. The device emits pulses of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, or electromagnetic energy. These pulses cause large bulk muscle contractions, which in turn help the muscles to grow stronger and more toned. It also has the power to create new muscle fibers, too – which you cannot do yourself in the gym. When considering which areas to treat, it should be noted that EMSCULPT NEO is very versatile and can be applied to over ten body areas!  Common treatment areas include (but are not limited to) the abdomen, love-handles, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, quads, biceps and triceps, as well as calves!

Because EMSCULPT NEO works through high intensity contractions, it allows for treatments to be pain free.  Instead, it is common to feel a heating sensation at the treatment site, similar to a hot stone massage. This is the radiofrequency at work! Being that this device is completely non-invasive, it requires no down time and individuals can easily return to their everyday activities immediately after treatment! Want to learn more? Click here.


The results of EMSCULPT NEO speak for themselves.  At Juniper Face + Figure we have seen and heard the testimonials of patients raving about what EMSCULPT  NEO has done for them.  Take a look for yourself at our online Before + After Gallery. From allowing patients to build muscular strength, to providing patients with a boost of confidence, we have seen the positive impact EMSCULPT NEO has had on clients’ lives. 

The process of EMSCULPT NEO is similar to a good workout, only more efficient! The intensity of the muscular contractions also releases a naturally occurring chemical in the body called epinephrine.  This chemical is responsible for communicating to fat cells that it is time to break down.  It is important to note that fat cells are extremely difficult to get rid of at a certain point. For reference, when we gain weight, our existing fat cells are actually just expanding to store more fat. When we lose weight, that fat is metabolized by the body and the fat cells shrink. That’s why stubborn pockets of body fat are so hard to get rid of. Those fat cells aren’t going anywhere, and they can only get so small. However, that is where EMSCULPT NEO’s technology steps in! The body sculpting treatments of the device aim to destroy fat cells outright, through a process called apoptosis, leaving previous problem zones with a smooth, contoured look. 

A complete cycle of EMSCULPT NEO usually consists of four, thirty-minute sessions, over the course of four weeks. Most patients will begin to see optimum results around 2-4 week mark and results peak 3months after completing your package. One exciting statistic is that on average, people experience 30% permanent fat reduction and 25% muscle building. But these are just averages! Many people experience higher percentages and you can clearly see that in our Before + After pictures. These non-invasive body contour treatments are effective when difficult dieting and limited time in the gym just aren’t enough!

A consultation with Brett at Juniper Face + Figure can solidify a treatment plan with you for optimal results! Interested in Booking Online? Click here


If you are feeling like your health and fitness journey has plateaued, EMSCULPT NEO is likely a viable treatment option for you.  It is perfect for individuals who value health and fitness, but just don’t feel like they have the time, ability, or means to push their physique to the next level. This quick and effective treatment plan will allow you to fit single sessions into the pockets of your days and weeks.  Allowing yourself a thirty minute reprieve from your busy life, will leave you feeling confident and re-energized.  Here at Juniper Face + Figure we pride ourselves in accommodating scheduling needs for clients, as well as making sure our clients leave feeling like a more confident version of themselves.  If you are ready to reinvest in yourself and give yourself the time you deserve, contact Brett to see if EMSCULPT NEO is the right fit for you!