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Yellowstone Confidence: Reveal Your Sculpted Physique with Juniper Face & Figure's EMSCULPT

Yellowstone Confidence: Reveal Your Sculpted Physique with Juniper Face & Figure's EMSCULPT

Stay Sculpted and Strong Through the Bozeman Snow Season with
Juniper Face and Figure EMSCULPT:

Yellowstone Confidence: Reveal Your Sculpted Physique with Juniper Face + Figure’s EMSCULPT NEO Expertise:

It is no secret that we are our own toughest critics. Unfortunately, the thing we often jump to is our outward appearance. No matter your body’s size, or shape, know that you are not alone in wishing or hoping parts of your body looked a little different. And while we recognize the importance of praising our bodies for all that they do, it is easy to let the little insecurities rise and take hold of our self confidence.  

It can be mentally exhausting feeling like you are doing everything that you possibly can to live a healthy lifestyle, yet still feeling like you are coming up short in certain areas. Maybe it’s the lower belly fat, that no matter how clean you eat, just doesn’t seem to want to tone up or slim down. Or, maybe it’s you doing dozens of squats a week just wishing your back side could be a little perkier and firmer. We all have areas we want to improve, and that is not a negative thing. It is important that we continue to aspire to be our best, both inside and out. At JuniperFaceandFigure we believe that a strong growth mindset is what helps us continue to grow as individuals.

When reflecting on how we want to better ourselves physically,  it is imperative to start with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Unfortunately, sometimes that just isn’t enough to help us accomplish our physical goals. In today’s world there are many options on how to improve our body shape. From face lifts, to tummy tucks, liposuction and more there are a lot of options for invasive procedures. Those extreme procedures might not be the best course of action to target your problem areas. What if we told you that JuniperFaceandFigure offers a fully noninvasive procedure that can help you tone muscles and eliminate fat cells?


At JuniperFaceandFigure it is our goal to consistently bring top of the line technologies to our clients. One of the treatments we offer is EMSCULPT NEO. This device is known for its ability to tone muscles and eliminate fat cells fast and effectively. The patented technology in EMSCULPT NEO works by forcing large muscular contractions at the treatment site. The device emits pulses of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, or electromagnetic energy. As a result of these contractions, muscles grow stronger and more toned. Treatments also have the ability to create new muscle fibers, too! The technology also emits radio frequency (RF). The RF heating of fat tissue results in lipolytic and apoptotic processes leading to the permanent elimination of fat cells. This occurs while being supported by increased metabolic activity due to the high-intensity focused electromagnetic contractions. Due to this advanced technology, it allows the treatment to be fast, effective, and pain free!


The technology in EMSCULPT NEO allows for real, visible results in a matter of weeks! Treatment plans typically consist of four thirty-minute sessions over a four week period. The quick, yet effective treatments allow you to schedule at your convenience and fit them into the pockets of your day. Most patients will complete a four week cycle and see optimal results  approximately three months after the treatment cycle.  Another benefit of EMSCULPT NEO is that there is no downtime required post treatment. Clients can return to their normal daily activities immediately after!


JuniperFaceandFigure prides itself in being the leading provider of EMSCULPT NEO in the Gallatin Valley.  When booking at JuniperFaceandFigure, you are sure to get the best treatment offered. Our professionals pride themselves in offering a calming, relaxing, and private environment for each session.  Additionally, our team is dedicated to helping you become the best version of you. That is why with every treatment package booked, we will gift you a complimentary consultation with one of Gallatin Valley’s leading nutritionists. Not only that, but we also guarantee a lifetime of discounted EMSCULPT NEO sessions for when you feel like you could use a little toning up. 


Below are before and afters of JuniperFaceandFigure clients.  The results definitely speak for themselves.  From tighter tummies, to firmer butts, it is important to remember that they are normal individuals just like you! You deserve to look and feel your best too. Contact Juniper Face and Figure to schedule your complimentary consultation!